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looking at new video card i know my power supply has 2x 6 pin power connectors for the video card but i might only have around 150 maybe 130 to spend and i myax resolution on my monitor is 1600 x 900 and i play witcher 2 i know some of my system mgiht be out of date than what is on the market right now but here is my specs

AMD phenom x4 9600 2.3 GHZ
corsair dominator ram 4 GB at 1066 mhz ddr2
western digital black hard drive 7200 RPM 64 MB cache
BFG nvidia geforce 9500 GT (yes i know not a gaming card lol)
OCZ gamexstream 700w power supply (it has the power connectors i need to hook up a gaming video card)
motherboard is a Asus M4N78 Pro (can upgrade the processor a six core processor thanks to a bios update if i want)

also i have another 4 GB i can put into the system also so can go to 8 GB
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  1. if you need any other information let me know
  2. For that kind of money an HD6850 would be quite good for your resolution. This one is cheap and a good choice;
    Or for a bit more this one comes with 3 games(that are actually good even);
    You are really going to want to upgrade that processor however. The original Phenom architecture wasn't particularly good and 2.3ghz is going to hold back any decent card. The Witcher 2 specifically is quite CPU intensive. You don't need a x6 though unless you know you use the computer for tasks that will properly utilize that many cores(gaming is not one of those things.) If you are willing to overclock then any Phenom II x4 would be a good choice apart from the 840(it is actually an Athlon II.) If not then I'd go for a 955 or 965. This is a good deal with the promo code;
  3. yea i know the prcoessor needs a upgrade to pretty soon and that 6850 you link i've been looking at for quite some time now i guess i should upgrade the video card then the processor
  4. Taking a look on ebay you could sell the 3 games that come with the XFX card for about $60 probably making it a nice deal.
  5. ah just curcious i can't seem to find a answer to this would i need to flash the bios to support that phenom II x4 proccessor if i decide to get it ?
  6. although the box is advertising phenom II x4 out of the box but i don't wanna take the information of what a box says lol
  7. The CPU support list on the Asus site tells you the earliest BIOS you would need for a given processor and yes it looks like you'll want to update to the most recent BIOS to use a current Phenom II x4;
  8. never really done a bios update before
  9. It's not hard. Asus provides a program to do it. The only issue is if you have a random power outage or crash during the process but that's very unlikely as it doesn't take long.
  10. so flashing to the most current bios should let me use this processor and let me use a six core in the future if i decide to upgrade to that at a later time
  11. Yeah. From the looks of it it will allow you to use all current AM3 chips. Just go to the download section and get the latest BIOS and the update tool.
  12. alright thank you sir appreciate the help
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