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so ive been looking in to eather upgradeing my current pc or buying a sandy bridge beast my current build is a x2 250, 4gb 1333, 5670 ,decent am3 mobo and a 400w psu i have a $750 budget for what ever i do and if i go the upgrade i was goin to get some goodies for my self like a new monitor new mouse and headset so this is the upgrade x4 955, 4 more gb ram ,520w antec psu ,and 6870 + the goodies now im willing to sacrifice the goodies for a sandy bridge if it will perform a good bit better than the upgrade this is the build i5 2400 ,the 8gb ram ,6870 ,a very nice z68 gigabyte mobo (forgot the model) and really thats about it umm i wiuld oc the x4 but i cant oc the i5 soo let me know thanks guys
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  1. I'd go with the AMD + goodies especially if your monitor is below the 1600 x 900 res.
  2. I would say it depends on how bad your Monitor, mouse and headset are. If they are really old (like crt monitor) then go for the AMD to upgrade them aswell, but if they are still decent then go for the Intel as it performs much better.
  3. Getting onto the Intel Upgrade path with a Z68 chipset and GEN3 motherboard seems the best build option currently.

    It performs great now, and it should continue to come out on top following future upgrades.

    Id also seriously consider saving your money for a little while longer if you are unable to get the i5-2500k. The i5-2400 just doesn't have the same potential. Over-clocking and SandyBridge go hand-in-hand and co-exist together to achieve some awesome 4.5GHz+ clock speeds :)
  4. ok thanks guys ill see if i can build a i5 2500k pc with my budget
  5. ok so this is what i got this is the goodies i was goin to get
    the monitor
    the head set is a plantronics 367 gamecoms
    and the mouse is the sidewinder x3
    but i all ready have emachines 21.5 in lcd and an ok mouse but no headset, anyway i can fit the i5 2500k in my budget with the GA-Z68A-D3H-B3 witch seems to be a very nice mobo idk i really want sandy but do you think its worth the goodies ????? i need some help lol
  6. Go i5-2500k.
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