Old Topic/Specific Question: Safe Temps for i5-2500K (CPU vs Core)

Hi everyone,

I know similar questions are asked often, but I get the impression that when people are stating temperatures, some are talking about core temperatures or general CPU temperatures and not clarifying.

I built a new system recently (first-time builder), and am running an i5-2500K CPU at stock settings with the stock heatsink (I applied Arctic Silver 5 and reset later on). I will upgrade the cooling system down the line, but it's not a pressing goal for me right now, as I am not overclocking at the moment.

I know Intel's suggested max temperature is 73 C, but I am curious whether that is for core temperatures specifically or not. My motherboard gives a warning at that temperature, but cores will reach high/mid-80s before it flags.

I am trying to find out what are considered safe ranges for CPU temperatures vs core temperatures. I had read that core readings are usually 10 C - 15 C more than CPU readings. Which does the 73 C recommendation apply to?

For reference, these are my temperatures at idle and running 1024M wPrime. CPU temperatures are taken by the CPU temperature sensor and core temperatures by RealTemp.


CPU: 21 C - 26 C
Core: 31 C - 39 C

Load with wPrime

CPU: Capped at 65 C, climbing slowly before setting in towards the end.
Core: 68 C - 76 C (cores climbed up and down, hovering around these).

Not looking for advice on improving the system necessarily, as I know about that. I am just trying to find some hard facts regarding safe temperature ranges/thresholds in general. Thanks in advance.
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  1. I believe it is the average of the core temps. Though i am not sure :/
  2. one is package temp, one is core temp
  3. Thanks for the input so far.

    I understand what the CPU temperature vs. the cores' temperatures means. I am just trying to find exact healthy ranges for these, and whether the 73 C recommended by Intel is in regard to the CPU temperature or the cores. So, two questions, really.
  4. if you look at coretemp, it shows you the max temp, and what you are actuallu reading is a interpretation of the distance to that temp. I think coretemp indictates it is related to cores
  5. RealTemp also has that feature. It lists each cores individual temperature and the distance to their theoretical max. Just trying to gauge safe ranges for the different types of measurements so I know what to keep my eye on moving forward. I'm under the impression my build is fine at the moment.
  6. keep them under the theoretical max and you'll be fine. In fact you can use the theoretical max to figure out what the 73 corresponds to
  7. I find that core #0 is often very close or the same case the case temp. Core #0 also seems to be the most used core. As you can see for yourself from running P95 that your CPU won't burst into flames at 80C and the temps will come back down to a more reasonable level. Takes a while for the heat sink to 'sink' the heat.
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