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800$ GPU(s)

Okay guys,

I'm building a 3 monitor gaming PC.I have all the pieces done(monitors too), but I'm having a hard time choosing GPU(s).
Here's my build:
intel i5 2500k
Asus P8Z68 Pro
Corsair Dual Channel 1600 Ram - Red radiator
Seagate 1TB HDD
Corsair 1000W Modular
Cheap DVD-Writer
Noctua NH-D14
Some Arctic Cooling thermal paste
White neon
All will fit in a Cooler Master HAF 922

My 3 monitors:
LG LCD 21.5" Full HD

But I have problems picking out my graphic card(s), I really don't know what should I take.
I've considered the AMD Radeon HD6990 - 4GB but I need DisplayPort monitors or expensive active adaptor to work in eyefinity.I could get a GTX 590, but that one seems just too expensive for it, Also I do not know the nVidia Surround Single GPU requirements.
What do you guys think?
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  1. Active Displayports aren't that expensive anymore:

    I'd advise going with two 6950/70's, two 580's, or 2/2.5gb addition 560ti/570's.

    Even 580's occasionally run low on ram at 1.5gb, so the 6970's will probably be one of your better choices with cost.
  2. Yeah, on Newegg @ Usa.Good luck trying to find a store that shipes to Europe.(Romania)
    Searched google like a mad man, only found a HP adaptor that was like..200$

    Okay so I found this MSI AMD Radeon HD 6970 2GB.

    To run it on Eyefinity with the 3 monitors, will I need any adapters or such?
  3. Overclocking two 2gb HD6950s with good after market cooling is your best choice for the money. Two of these would be a good choice;
    Spending more will give you very marginal increases in performance that just aren't worth it imo. Here are some numbers vs SLI GTX 570s;,2865-9.html
    The 2560x1600 numbers are the best for you to look at if you are going to go with a Eyefinity setup though your resolution will be even higher. You really want to stick to a card with at least 2gb per gpu.

    EDIT: I believe Pixmania delivers to all of Europe so you may want to look into that. If not perhaps ebay.
  4. The 6950 seem a bit too low for me, 6970 2GB looks just fine.
    But again, Can the SLI 6970 eyefinity with my 3 monitors without any adaptors?

    Checked: Pixmania does not deliver to Romania (makes me sad)
  5. You would need an adapter like the ones bystander linked for Eyefinity.
    As for the HD6950 vs HD6970 if you are going to overclock(it's easy and safe) the only difference is the HD6970 has 9% more shaders. The price difference however is several times that. Just not worth it IMO.
  6. The Sapphire Flex 6950 (I'm not sure there is a 6970 version) has a built in active DP and the adapters with it so you don't need to have an active displayport.

    Flex and Eyefinity

    Multi monitor gaming has been growing slowly as LCD Monitors become cheaper and cheaper. We have even seen it trickle down to our LAN events and on our forums with a few people who have been sporting triple monitor setups from both AMD and Nvidia. Because of that it’s nice to know that if you pick up a couple extra monitors you can be gaming in no time on them all at once. With Nvidia this requires running SLI, even if you aren’t looking for the highest settings or performance. AMD on the other hand will let you run Eyefinity with one video card, but you will have to pick up a $30 DisplayPort to HDMI adapter unless you are running DisplayPort monitors. Sapphire cuts out the middle man with their FleX series of cards and builds that adapter into the card saving you the money and more importantly making the jump to Eyefinity that much easier.
  7. Well considering that I can't get my hands on one of those.
    I looked at the nVidia Surround(2D) requirements.They say "Supports any three digital or analog connectors".That means I can use the DVI and be compatible with 0 adaptors.Am I right?
    If so then a 590 would be the best deal right now, I've talked to a few friends and they said that 590 is expensive yeah, but if you get something like 2 570, when you want to upgrade you need to buy 2 6xx, instead you would buy another 590.

    What do you guys think?


    The Sapphire Flex version is not avaible at my store.I checked the "Sapphire ATI Radeon" version, it does not include that accesory.

    Also I would like to thank you guys for taking the time to help me in my "special" problem.Sometimes I wish I were from the USA, so I could just newegg anything I wanted :( .
  8. There are active displayport adapters available on Ebay shipped to Romania for $35-40.
  9. Yeah, but Ebay ain't exactly the safest site in the world.I've read/saw videos of people getting empty adaptors and the poor guys were wondering whats wrong with them.Honestly why should I risk it when nVidia offers an adaptor-free solution?
  10. Because they are more expensive for less performance? Ebay is very safe as long as you use a seller with good feedback.
  11. But I would have to provide my adress so he can ship them to me, thing that I don't wanna do on a site of that nature, if not then he'll ship it to the local post office.That means I have to go all the way there to take it.It just doesn't seem worth the hassle when I can buy an nVidia equivalent.
  12. That's pretty paranoid yo. It ships from the US. They aren't going to cross the ocean to hunt you down for some reason. Do what you want I suppose but AMD cards are really the better choice for high resolutions right now because of the 2gb of memory.
  13. GTX 590 Has 3GB, the GTX 580 also.
    I'm not really that paraonoid, its just that you read alot of stuff, scary twisted stuff.That happens just because you place your trust in a complete stranger.If I were on a tight budget, like 300$ for a GPU.Then hell yeah, I'd have it shipped from Korea if needed, but that's really not the case.And I would preffer to sleep better at night then cheap out on 50$, seriously.
    50$ in a 2000$ build.
  14. Sorry, still mega-paranoid, no offense. No one cares enough about you to do whatever bad thing you are imaging because you ordered an adapter. Even if you are scared of that stuff and consider it reasonable a single person in the US shipping you an adapter has to be less risky then ordering from a company much closer to you wherein a number of employees will certainly have access to your address, as you will be doing for the video card.
    Anyways both the GTX 590 and GTX 580 have 1.5gb of ram per GPU. In a dual card setup the memory is redundant, you can't just add it together. There are models of the GTX 580 with 3gb of ram but they are even more expensive and you would need two of them in SLI for Nvidia Surround which is well out of your price range. Perhaps look for 2.5gb model of the GTX 570 for SLI. They do exist and would probably be in your price range.
  15. None taken.
    Okay so.Standing from where I am, I have two options right now.Either buy 2x GTX 570 HD 2.5GB or GTX 590 3GB 768 Bits Edition.

    They should work with no adapters what so ever, right?(no matter wich one I pick)

    While the two GTX 570 may deliever better performance, they have 0 upgradeability.
  16. Best answer
    The two GTX 570s when overclocked(perhaps even if not, hard to find direct comparisons of such) will be faster than the GTX 590 at ultra high resolutions as you plan on using. Also quite a bit cheaper. If you aren't aware the GTX 590 is a dual GPU card. The 3gb of ram is not per gpu but rather total. So the GTX 570s would have 5gb by comparison.
    You shouldn't need an adapter for Nvidia Surround.
  17. Well, thanks for everything.I'l go with GTX 590(It'll take at least 3 months for something to rise that I can max on 3 displays) and I've talked to my parents and I'l get another one in 6 months.So I'l have 590 in SLI.(Later down the road, OC them too) So yeah.

    Thanks again. <3
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  19. Thanks for the best answer but you are really ignoring the RAM issue entirely which is quite important at the resolution you plan on using. Adding another GTX 590 will still not increase the amount of ram per GPU. You will have a huge amount of processing power without enough memory to take proper advantage of it. It's just not the right way to go IMO.
  20. jyjjy said:
    Thanks for the best answer but you are really ignoring the RAM issue entirely which is quite important at the resolution you plan on using. Adding another GTX 590 will still not increase the amount of ram per GPU. You will have a huge amount of processing power without enough memory to take proper advantage of it. It's just not the right way to go IMO.

    i completely agree with you, 2.5gb GTX 570 in sli is the way to go mate.

    its not wise to ignore VRAM when going eyfinity/surround.
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