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first off thank you for all of the information available from this board I have built 4 pc's by reading the forums here!

This is my first post and I have looked through a ton of builds and seek advice for a Home server build.

What I have, 4 Windows 7 based computers 2 are the kids for gaming, music and movies
1 HTPC used to record TV, etc.
1 PC - used as a server for movies, music and pictures
All hard wired through a router

I want to build a home server and have it reside in the basement to take the load off of my PC.
I will still do the video work with another PC and record with HTPC.

What I want to do:
remote access to the server
Back up of all PC's
Stream media to all of the other PC's
add wireless streaming for work lap tops, I-phone etc.
Web hosting
Total Hard Drive space I currently have 10 tb of which 6 is full

What I have:
Windows Home server software
Antec 300 case

all of the other systems are intel, I am open to AMD.

Thank you in advance for advice and ideas

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  1. Did I not ask this correctly or did I leave something out?

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