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Hey guys,

Built a new PC about 3 weeks ago. Everything has been going good until yesterday. At random times it just closes all my programs I have running and shuts down. Doesn't seem to matter what I am doing.. Playing a game or just browsing some websites. It does not give any errors and does not lock up or anything it just closes all the windows and shuts down.

The timing seems to be random, it might run for 3 hours before doing it or it might run for 20 minutes. I immediately turned it back on last time and looked in bios and it is showing cpu temp at 32C.

Any ideas on what I need to check?

BIOSTAR motherboard, Phenom II X4, 8 gigs ram, geforce 460 GTX.

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  1. In the time it takes you to get booted into the bios the CPU could have cooled down already. I would get a temp monitoring program and a stress test program so you can watch the temps. I use CoreTemp for temperatures and SuperPi for stress test.

    Are you always doing something (have some program open) when it closes? If so it could be a driver issue as well. I would update all drivers to be safe.
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