Good fan controller?

Is there a good cheap fan controller that I can get? This is to drive 2 cm sickle flow fans I am ordering and 2 case fans in the cm storm scout.
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  1. depends what you mean by cheap

    and what style you like--really flashy or plain and simple

    i am just about to order one of these

    gets very good reviews

    review here
  2. Would you get this over the sentry? even though its 10w per channel. Do you think they can power sickeflow fans? 3 120mm fans and 1 140mm?
  3. personally no

    but i wanted something that wasnt too flashy to go with a corsair obsidian 650d--so its partly a matter of taste

    and that didnt use temperature probes or give low fan speed warning bleeps--my current akasa fan controller is

    great but if i put below 600rpm it bleeps like hell and if temperatures go too high it bleeps and drives me

    mad--looks like the one you linked gives warning bleeps

    10w per channel seems quite low--though if you only have 4 fans it may be adequate
  4. I checked the fans up, they use like 1-4w. This would be put in a cm storm scout. Hm do you know of any other ones?
  5. Nah I like 5.25 because it just more fitting into the case than a 3.25
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