Need to find best option for radio station

I am volunteering tech support for a local radio station that broadcast's to FM and online.
The online stream is through DSL 3Gbs.
The current network setup is: 1 adsl modem, 1 5 port switch, and 1 5 port router. We have two static IP addresses.
The way its setup right now is: 1st static IP is assigned to the router, 2nd static IP is assigned to the online streaming PC.

I will be upgrading the hardware that we have and need advice on what my best options are. The streaming PC is a Pentium 3 which definitely must be changed. The networking hardware needs to be replaced too but not sure what type of hardware to get. This is what im thinking of requesting...

-- QuadCore phenom PC w/ 8 GB memory. Running Windows 2003 server.

-- Cisco 1800 Series Security Router/Managed Switch with Dual Fast Ethernet WAN (im not sure what the dual fast ethernet wan can provide. Does it mean i can assign both static IP addresses to this device?)

any advice regarding server streaming mp3's would be apprecieated.
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  1. the dual WAN will allow you to connect two separate internet connections.

    do you have a 3G or 3Mbs connection?
  2. You can also try this link:

    That can be done - One static IP for chatting for subscribers or other things and the second static IP for streaming (exclusive). There are lots of streaming mp3 software in the web just search for them.
  3. When it comes to streaming what is the most important thing on a computer. Im thinking its memory and bandwidth? Im researching to get a refurbished pc core 2 duo or higher end. not sure yet.

    dEAne when you say one static for each, are you saying one static per computer. should the chat and streaming be on separate pc's?

    Would that cisco 1800 work with one WAN connection? Im thinking to use one wan connection then expand if need be.
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