G1 Sniper 3 no video output

After following all the points in the guide I stall have no video output to my monitor. The code the board gives is A6.

My specs:
G1 Sniper 3 with V7 BIOS
Xeon 1230 v2
Corsair HX 1050W
ATI 1650
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  1. onbaord? tried D-Sub and DVI both?
    Did you hear beep indicating pc start normally but just no display at all?
    are you sure this mb support 1230v2?
  2. Yes this mb supports the CPU.

    The onboard graphics will not work with this CPU as you nned an i5/i7 for that.

    There are no beeps as this mb has a LED code display.
  3. As i know it support Xeon 1230 in their validation list but no 1230v2 tested.
    what's the code staying?
    what vga being used?
  4. The code A6 is detect and install all currently connected SCSI devices. The GPU being used is listed in my first post.
  5. I took my PC down to a repair shop and they said that my GPU is too old and my mb does not support an 8 bus. It was also giving 1 long and 2 short post beeps which is a GPU error. So i bought a new GPU and it works fine.
  6. I will tell you all the solution to this problem.. easy. Just take out your usb cable that is connected from the from your wifi card to the usb front connection
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