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AMD 8150, worth it or not?

I have decided out of the several processors I am looking into it would be logical to get the FX 8150 (gaming use is practical and Maya should run well on it) The others were the AMD Phenom 2 1011, AMD Phenom 2 1090t, AMD Phenom 2 965. IF any of the phenoms are better than the 8150 please say so!
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  1. The FX8150 main competition is actually the Intels I5 and I7 and it looses out to the I5 2500K that is cheaper. In gaming it is on level with the phenoms.
  2. No. An i5-2500k would be the best choice. Even an older phenom is better.
  3. Which phenom is the best?

    (Can't go intel either, trust me i'd love to but i got an AM3+ motherboard)
  4. For gaming the faster X4 is better than a X6.
  5. Does the 1100 phenom 2 compare to a i5 2500k? If not, I'll just have to buy a new motherboard :/
  6. no, the intel will be better but you should have no problem with just a phenom II x4 or x6 OC'ed if you don't want to upgrade mobos.
  7. The FPS difference with a Phenom 1090t vs an i7 isn't that big is it? (I have 2 GTX 560's in sli so GPU intensive games are fine, my fx 4100 sucks however)
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    well in most games you are going to be limited by gpu with a 1090t but you might want to upgrade cpu just because you are already running 2 560s. most of the anandtech tests show that the 1100t can pull 60fps so you should be fine with it especially when if you OC.

    personally I don't think its worth the money to shell out $300 for a new cpu upgrade to go intel.
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  10. Speaking from actual first hand experience. If all you care about is rendering speeds the 8150 actually crushes the Phenom series (I have an X6 1100t, stock clockspeed).

    When it comes to actua, true multithreading, the AMD8150 even beats the I7 in some tests. it's Worth it.

    If you only care about 2 to 4 threads stick with the Phenom X4 or X6.

    To everyone else that doesn't have first hand experience or is too daft to admit their are fan boys, ignore them, they are wrong.

    PS I uses Lightwave 9
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