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Hello, I'm trying to build a non-gaming home/office pc. I have an OS, HDD, DVD, possibly RAM for it. I'm thinking something like:
CPU: Intel Core i3-2105 with Intel HD 3000 Graphics
Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-H67N-USB3-B3
Case + Power Supply Unit: APEX MI-008 Mini-ITX with 250w PSU
Monitor: Hanns-G HL193ABB Black 18.5" 5ms LED Backlight Widescreen LCD Monitor

Please let me know if i can improve this build.
$400-$500 budget.

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  1. AMD is a little stronger in that price range. The Llano processors have a great iGPU. If you're stuck on mini-ITX, though, that can be limiting.
  2. Yup, AMD APU. Can't be beat right now.
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    Here's two Llano processors:

    2.7Ghz Dual Core for $80

    2.6Ghz Quad Core for $120

    Here's an FM1 micro-ATX motherboard for $70

    Here's two FM1 mini-ITX motherboards

    ASRock board for $90

    ASUS board for $140 that includes a mini-PCIe slot with wireless

    Add 4GB of DDR3 RAM for $33

    Then the case and power supply are up to you.

    You could also go with the Phenom processors. They're a stronger CPU than the Llano processors but have a weaker GPU. You'd need a different motherbaord than the ones I recommended, though, because it's a different socket.
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