Athlon x2 High temps even when not playing games.

Hey guys,
I have an AMD Athlon x2 6400+ Black, and recently I got quite a few blue screens while playing minecraft. A few friends said it might be because my processor was overheating, and when I downloaded Coretemp it is reporting 62 degrees per core even when I'm not playing games.
Is this a very high temperature? Is there any fix for this?
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  1. It is high if it is in °C on idle, check if your cooler needs cleaning dust and lint will hinder it in cooling your CPU properly!
  2. I noticed you have the black edition, did you overclock it? If so, are you using the stock heat sink?
  3. Athlon 64 X2 runs hot... the 6400+? Very hot.
  4. your not wrong but even on stock cooling it should max out ay 55'c

    clean out the case/fans and vents of dust. clean out the cpu hsf and make sure your pc can breath (you dont have it in a closed box.
    go into bios and turn down the vcore from 1.45 to 1.35 the lower volts may increase instability or may have no effect what so ever but bring a temp drop... so its worth a try.
  5. It's not overclocked. I've also noticed it runs at 80 when I play minecraft, but when playing SKyrim it's stable at 70!!
    Shutting down to clean my pc...
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