No signal after bios

Ok so i had just got a asus 5a78l-mlx and an amd 6100 when i booted it worked the first time but it made me reinstall all my drivers so the second time i did it it wont go past the bios screen.It also shows my hdmi in dvi and my vga wont work on it.I have an amd 6570.

Ive tried removing everything and it still does not work.
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  1. Well I guess I'll take a stab at it (not literally :lol: ) but try removing the Motherboard battery (CMOS) and plug it back in a minute. That will reset the bios settings to the default.
  2. Yea that does not work.
  3. What's the last few BIOS messages you see?
  4. Last thing i see is the devices and all my hardware show up and then it says it will bot in 10 seconds press esc.
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