New build isn't recognizing second hard drive

I built my first computer with my uncle yesterday. We got everything to work perfectly except that my computer isn't recognizing the second hard drive installed. My computer knows that it's there because I can select it in the Device Manager and made it the second boot drive in the BIOS; I'm just unable to open it in My Computer or to save anything onto it. I'm running a Crucial m4 128GB SSD as my boot drive and a Samsung EcoGreen F4 2TB HDD (the one I'm having trouble with) on Windows 7. I have an Asus Crosshair V Formula motherboard if that information is also relevant. Thanks for any help!
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    ControlPanel / AdministrativeTools / ComputerManagement / DiscManagement

    At the bottom will be all your drives. Right-click in the area to the right of the one you can't get to work and select "New Simple Volume". Follow the wizard.
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