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Need advice on graphic card

First off,Let me tell you i just know the basics of computer hardware,so pardon me if i sounded like an idiot :wahoo:


Intel core 2 duo E4500 @ 2.20 Ghz
Intel G41 Express Chipset (graphic card)
3Gb DDR2 RAM @ 667 Mhz
Win 7 Ultimate 32 bit
450W mercury PSU

I have a lot of questions so let me list them out

1)When i play games like FIFA 08,Fifa 11,Assasins creed brotherhood My monitor turns off after playing for some time so I manually have to shut down.It shuts down in low resolution so i am 99.9% sure this is because of my graphic card.But i need someone to confirm this

2)Is my processor good enough for modern day games? I don't wanna play in max graphics but at the same time i dont wanna play on mid or low setting..I just want the graphics to be somewhat more than mid and play without any lagg with good fps..So is my processor good for gaming or is it bad?

3) I am gonna get a new graphic card soon But i am not sure which model i should buy....GTX 460 or GTS 450?I know GTX 460 is better,but is GTS 450 good for all modern games(on mid settings) and wont be outdated in a few years?

4)I called my computer techinicians ,they said my RAM is DDR2 and wont support GDDR5...Is this true?

Thank you in Advance...
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  1. I wouldnt worry about the ram but that CPU you have is going to bottle neck a GYX 460 like crazy.... even if you overlock it you might not be able to get the GPU up to standards
  2. If you get the GTX 460 or the GTX450 I would suggest upgrading your power supply.Your Ram won't affect the GPU. The processor is pretty slow if you want to play high-end games like Crysis 2. It should be fine for games like Fifa and Assassins Creed.
  3. 3> get GTS 450 because 460 will bottlneck your CPU
    4> A BIG NO! Ram is different from DDR5/DDR3 ram from GPU. If you put DDR3/DDR5 on PCI Express x16 it would work :)
  4. Thanks for the replies..So if my CPU is gonna bottleneck my GTX 460 shall i get a GTS 450? Will my CPU bottleneck this card?If it does what card do u think is good for my CPU?
  5. get a GTS 450 and atleast 450w PSU :)
  6. Thanks for the reply and my PSU is 450W :)
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    1) I didn't quite well get your question.

    2)You've got a dual core E4500, so it isn't ideal for gaming these days. If you're thinking of upgrading, then go for a good quad core CPU.

    3) The GTX 460 would be bottleneck on that system and so it would not perform the way it's supposed to perform.
    Get the GTS 450 instead.

    4) Even if you've got DDR2 RAM, it DOES NOT mean that it can't support a GDDR5 GPU. Honestly, why do they even call themselves as 'technicians' ? The RAM is a bit slow though, 667 MHz.

    ALSO: Even if your PSU is a 450 W one, I don't think it's a good one since it might be the one that came with your PC cabinet. A GTS 450 requires a 6-pin Pci-e connector and therefore I'm not sure it will be able to run it.
    If you are thinking of upgrading that PSU, then get a GTS 450. Otherwise, I'd get a Radeon HD 6670. It's the best performing card that doesn't require an external power connector.
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  9. Thank you very much Gman..Is my CPU powerful enough for 6670?
  10. Yes, your CPU is powerful enough for a HD 6670.
    Your CPU won't bottleneck it, so you're good. :)
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