Funny conflict with new build, plz help =D

sup guys, i need some opinions on something haha, the thing is that since my dad has an amazon account and all that stuff i told him that if he could do me the favor of buying my new rig through there and then i would give him the money, he agreed (i dont live in the us). The thing is that when my computer arrived at his office he got mad at me because i would not do my work in the exact same way as he wanted to, so like 5 months have passed since i oredered it and im thinking on buying my rig through another person i know, i got the money, and i dont think my dad will ask for the money if he actually thinks of giving it to me after so much time has passed. so do you think it would be a good idea of getting my build on my own???

it was an amd build, so this time i could buy an intel rig, and if my dad decides on giving me that rig for chistmas i could have 2 gaming rigs on my house haha

any opinions will be appreciated!!
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    You might want to sort out the situation with your father?
  2. beenthere said:
    You might want to sort out the situation with your father?

    already tried, but my relationship with my father is not that good, and i dont live with him

    i could now buy a sandy brige rig which in my opinion is much better, take advantage of the situation
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