So after downloading all my drivers that I needed and getting everything set, I went to change the boot device and I couldn't. I can enter the BIOS and the blue and yellowish background loads but there is nothing there to do and if there is, I can't select it. The only way to get out is either turn the computer off or restart it. I had already been in the BIOS a few times but always exited without saving. I'm trying to not have to flash the BIOS because it sounds scary. The computer still boots fine from the SSD and works and that is what I find weird. Well, I find the whole thing weird. Also, how can I find the version of BIOS, without getting into the BIOS? Since I obviously can't.

OS- Windows Pro 64bit
CPU- Intel Core i7-3820 (No OC)
SSD- OCZ Agility 4 256gb
GPU- EVGA 660ti SC 2gb x2 (SLI)
Motherboard- Gigabyte G.1 Assassin 2 Rev. 1.0
PSU- Corsair 850watt
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  1. No one.....
  2. reset it either by jumper or by turning off all power to the system, unplugging the monitor followed by removing the battery and then pressing the power button in this state to remove static.

    flashing BIOS should not scare you since it is a pretty simple straight forward thing but yes you should only flash it when its necessary (like adding support to a new hardware).

    In my opinion the no 1 reason why BIOS flash bricks motherboards is "impatience" :)

    good luck
  3. Since I have a desktop by battery you mean CMOS battery right?
  4. PlaneGuy said:
    Since I have a desktop by battery you mean CMOS battery right?

    yes :)
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