Athlon II X2 260 for budget gaming pc?

hey everyone, this is my first post, so yeh, and just so u's know I'm from the great land of Australia haha, and I'm 14 nearly 15, anyway, straight into it

I'm building a budget gaming pc, so far I've got the motherboard (am3 socket) and ram, and I was wondering if the athlon II x2 260 was a decent choice for a budget gaming CPU and also for schoolwork? I wont be doing too many CPU intensive stuff such as video rendering, adobe programs etc.

another thing, I will be overclocking whatever cpu I get too.

any extra thoughts/suggestions are welcome

oh nearly forgot, I'll probably be getting either a gts 450 or a gtx 550ti (motherboard accepts nvidia gpu's only), so would this bottleneck?
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  1. I would be interested to know what motherboard you have that only accepts Nvidia GPU's. I have been building my own computers for 24 years and have never seen such a board. If you could post a name, model number that would be great.

    Unfortunately for gaming, AMD is the wrong choice these days. Even on a budget. As you can see from my signature, I only have a low end Core i3 2100 processor and for gaming, it is as fast as the fastest AMD chip. At any rate, since you already have the AMD board and ram, we will do the best we can.

    Since you plan to overclock, you would really want to get a Black Edition(BE) processor of some sort. The Athlon II x2 260 is not really overclockable, and it is older technology that will bottleneck most modern graphics cards, even if you could overclock it.

    After looking at some Australian computer sites I know of like Mwave, it seems your budget choices are limited. I also did not see any of the older model black edition processors for sale. Since your budget is low, I would go ahead with the AMD 260 processor, and the 550 Ti card. It should play a lot of games at lowered settings.

    You might also look for older games that you have not played. I have found some really cool games that were made back in 2008 and 2009. The graphics are not as fancy as today's games, but they are just as much fun. Plus, they do not cost a lot like the newer games do, so you can buy more of them.

    Good luck!
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