MSI Z77A GD55 Inifinite restart loop

I need a little help with my new intel gaming rig. So I finaly bought all the parts and my new i5 3570k just arrived and I had some spare time to build it, got it all installed all my parts memory board cpu psu etc etc. Time to turn it on and whala it turns on first go. Then something strange happens and before anything appears on screen (bios) it just turns off and turns back on in an instant and continues do so for indefinitely.

I've tried everything under the sun, changing ram around the hard drives psu taking g card out leaving nothing but essentials, still nothing until I tried booting the system without the CPU.

Now this has a different outcome, the system boots up but without anything showing up on the screen but it doesnt restart.

Is the bios out of date on my motherboard or is it motherboard itself or can it be the CPU? Could someone please help me on this.
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  1. Try with just the CPU installed and nothing else connected to the motherboard . Make sure the 8 pin connector for the CPU is connected and locked and the fan and heatsink are properly installed and connected to the CPU fan header.
  2. Tried that still nothing :(
  3. Clear CMOS according to manual and connect video display to motherboard, do not install video card, see if system will boot. When clearing CMOS, unplug power supply from wall outlet.
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