Nokia 6310i Bluetooth Connection Problem

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I seem to have fallen victim to a common Nokia Bluetooth problem.

Basically I cannot maintain the connection between my Nokia 6310i and my PC.

I am running Windows 2000Pro.(SP4), Nokia PC Suite ver. 4.88 and XTNDConnect
Blue Manager 3.1. The Bluetooth driver seems to be Windigo Systems, although
W2K reports both the driver date and driver version as "Not available".

My 6310i is running software V5.60 (which is the latest version).

Everything seems to have installed OK; the PC finds the Bluetooth dongle,
Blue manager finds the phone and the phone displays the connection request
(which I accept). The passcodes are entered OK, the phone displays 'Phone
connected', then, a couple of seconds later, the phone disconnects and I get
an unhelpful 'Unknown Error' message on the PC screen.

From reading previous posts, it seems that Nokia's PC Suite is the problem.
Should I use Blue Manager's Mphone management software instead? Or anything

I shall have another go at resolving the problem soon, but in the meantime
does anyone have any experience of this problem, or any solutions that I
might try?

Is there a more recent version of XTNDConnect Blue Manager, or is Ver.3.1
the latest?

Any help appreciated.

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    Did you ever solve that Connect - immedictae disconnect problem..

    I have it and I am perplexed..

    Can you advise me ...Thanks

    5 Dec 2004

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    I have exactly this problem. From what I can ascertain there is no
    solution. It's a case of bluetooth not working with the 6310i.

    I'd be pleased to hear if anyone makes progress on this issue.


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    I think that I have solved my problem.

    #1 I had a second 6310i phone, and I used that and it behave a 'little'

    #2 I upgraded the SIM chip to a Type 3 (whatever that means)

    #3 Then I removed the wireless mouse, and it worked.

    I needed the Telco's technical assistance to do allthe above abd to set
    up the Dialup account details (access codes etc), (and there was a
    significant variability of the staff)(for variability read: there were
    some real dopes)

    So I can only suggest that the firmware, the SIM and any interfering
    wireless devises might be implicated.

    Hope this is of some help.


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    It seems, from reading another thread, that you have to have the latest
    firmware (v5.5 or later) installed for the bluetooth to work (at least
    with a USB dongle - my m3500 plantronics bluetooth headset is OK, great
    in fact).

    It also appears, that some users have had success using oxygen phone
    software without upgrading firmware:

    This, and the fact that I can sync up with my headset, appears to
    suggest that the problems are related to Nokia's PC Suite software and
    not the firmware itself.

    The firmware upgrade can only be done at an authorised Nokia service
    center. If your phone is out of warranty Nokia charge for the upgrade.

    You can check the firmware version in your phone by pressing *#0000#

    This information I gleaned from the site below. I haven't tried it yet
    but probably will (despite the 40 Australian dollars they want to


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