AMD CPU upgrade? Best Option?

Hey everyone, I'm new here. Looking to post on here quite frequently... But right now, I just need some opinions.

I built my custom white box about 3 years ago, so its kind of outdated but still performs really well. Anyway I'm looking to upgrade my CPU. My current Mobo is a m2n- SLI. The most modern/highest Ghz CPU that this motherboard is compatible with is the Phenom II 945 3.0ghz. This cpu is still bit a pricey, so I was thinking about going with the AMD phenom X4 @ 2.4ghz a core for half the price of the 945. Anyone have the 9750, and how well does it perform to todays standards?

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  1. A fast Athlon II X3 will easily beat the phenom 9750. This can help you select a CPU that is compatible with your board,3106-5.html
  2. Save for a month or two and get a new mobo + new flavor of cpu's coming out. AMD will probably throw something out very soon to redeem their bulldozer screw up.
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