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Hi all,
I have an Athlon II X4 640 3GHZ... got three questions:

1.)Would there be problems from the cpu idling between 39 - 45 degrees fahrenheit most of the time?
I have a stock cpu cooler, but the environment the computer is in is mostly on the colder side.

2.)Would there be harmful condensation issues when;
I come in and the computer is idle, core temp (and BIOS) show it 39 degrees F and after a minute or two of usage it's around 80 degrees F.

3) what if the room heater out here dies, and the CPU is in the 32F range for a day or two straight.

thanx :sol:
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    1. That's an excellent temperature. I'd actually be inclined to suspect that of being in Celsius, which would be a little high but nothing harmful.

    2. No. Condensation occurs when air cools down, not when it heats up. Warmer air can store more water, not less. Check your 8th-grade science (not all that long ago for me ;) )

    3. Definitely no problem. Your CPU works better at lower temperatures. People apply liquid nitrogen to CPUs to get them as cold as possible for overclocking records:
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  3. that's kinda what i figured, just wanted to bounce it off someone else. thanx :)
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