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Two desktops to be upgraded

I have a two desktops that I would like to make into decent gaming machines for a friend of mine. One is an Dell Dimension 4700 with 4 gig RAM and 1 PCI e slot and 2 PCI slots. I would like to be able to play older (pre-2007) games on and possibly some later games as well. I was thinking about getting this card:

XFX PV-T95G-ZNF2 GeForce 9500 GT (

or this one, if I can find it:
ASUS EAH4670/512Mb

I am open to any suggestions you guys might have.

The other is an HP Media Center m7060n with 1 gig RAM(will upgrade to 3 or 4 later). It does not have a PCI e slot so I don't really know how far I can go with it. It can play WOW from the integrated video port but at minimal settings. What would be the best video card for this PC? Any and all suggestions are accepted.

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  1. the 5570 will out perform both of them . check out this one SAPPHIRE Radeon HD 5570
  2. If you're upgrading int he near future with a total system overhaul and plan on keeping the new GPU while the mobo and the rest change...then I'd suggest the 5770/6770 as they are the best cards out there for the budgeted buyer...or the GTX550Ti *the latter has nvidia physx)

    in all honesty, getting a card now with that caliber would be a waste if you're not upgrading anything else. getting an 8600GT DDR3 is the best bet you have now if you're interested in only pre-2007 titles in games. I bought an 8600GT Fatal1ty DDR3 passive cooled edition and it lasted me a good 3 years giving me a good opportunity to play Modern Warfare 2, Crysis, Bioshock 2 and starcraft 2

    system specs were;
    intel DG965RY
    Intel E4300
    2GB DDR2 ram
    Tt 420W PSU

    here's more on that specs of your m7060n;;rnav and the proc would be a bottleneck for anything higher than the 8600GT let alone a 5570.

    ^ thas my 2 cents for the m7060n rig

    for the 4700 series;

    you have a P4 under that hood;

    HANG on a min, you have P4's on both systems? then i suppose you stick with a 8600GT maybe go for a 7600GT but anything greater is seriously limited by the proc.

    thas my 2 cents, unless you have cpu-z tell me that theres more than a P4 under the coolers hood...?
  3. For the 4700, I have a P4 (520) 2.8Ghz CPU with a 305 watt Power Supply. I also have 4 gig of RAM but all other parts are standard with the 4700. Will I need to upgrade my Power supply to support the 7600GT? This is the cheapest I have found the 7600GT:

    As for the m7060n... Haven't gotten a chance to look at it since posting, but will that one also support the 7600GT? It's also a P4...
  4. there's alot of going back and forth here; please download CPU-z and check out the cpu and mainboard tab. then post back with the findings...preferably snipped screenshots would be nice to see.

    I know that you have PCI-E graphics slots for both of buying that AGP is useless as you don't have the slot.You'd need toget a PCI-E version

    you'd need at least 350W of power from a quality powersupplyunit for either the 7600/8600GT's FYI the 7600 and the 8600 are similar in nature only that the 8600GT is a Dx10 card while the 7600GT is a Dx9 card

    here are my choices;(but please post back with CPU-Z findings)

    but this one looks good;

    more info;
  5. Here are the CPU-Z findings from the Dell 4700:

  6. kewl, you're all set to make the buy for the 8600GT's but what of your media center rig? what is its processor? please post back with the other rigs pics.

    the third link i sent you is a dual 8600GT bid...i suppose that'd be an awesome buy...
  7. So, for the 4700, will I need to do anything additional to be able to use the 8600GT? Just purchase and install, right? Or will I need a stronger PSU?

    Second, the m7060n Media Center PC is a P4 (630) 3Ghz with a 400 watt Power Supply. Here are the CPU-Z findings:

  8. ^ thas odd the media center doesn't have a PCi graphics interface. I think You'd need to open up your media center case and take a pic of the whole mobo(while its inside the case)

    this is what the system specs for the media center is;
    Expansion Slot(s);
    1.0 (total) / 1.0 (free) x PCI Express x16 - DIMM 240-pin,
    1.0 (total) / 0.0 (free) x SD Memory Card - Type I/II,
    1.0 (total) / 1.0 (free) x SmartMedia Card - LGA775 Socket,
    4.0 (total) / 1.0 (free) x PCI,
    1.0 (total) / 1.0 (free) x xD-Picture Card,
    1.0 (total) / 1.0 (free) x CompactFlash Card,
    3.0 (total) / 1.0 (free) x Memory,
    1.0 (total) / 2.0 (free) x Memory Stick,
    1.0 (total) / 0.0 (free) x Processor

    about the 4700 - i mentioned before, will say it again, it needs a quality 350W+ PSU not any Chinese cheapo unit otherwise the whole rig'll be blown to bye-bye land :p

    you stated that its 305W and i can assume its over 2 years due to capacitor aging that unit will now give out probably 230W of power to your its far below the needs of the 8600GT

    getting a corsair, nzxt, antec earthwatts, or thermaltake TR2 or toughpower series 450W psu should seal your rig shut for another 2~3years.
  9. I have 3 pictures of the motherboard but I can't expose the entire thing right now... there is too much in the tower and I would have to remove it all and that might take me a minute. But I did notice that I do not have 4 PCI slots(I have 3) and I do not have a PCI E slot at all.

    If you do want me to pull out the motherboard I will do it overnight and post pics tomorrow.
  10. Quote:
    If you do want me to pull out the motherboard I will do it overnight and post pics tomorrow.
    that won't be necessary as i can clearly see that there are no PCI-E graphics card slots, just 3 pci slots of which 2 are occupied...with what may i ask :) ? FYI - if you look closely you'll notice that the pins are there for a PCI-E slto to be ppaced(i mean the solder points) but the slot is physically missing.

    but you can do me a favor and yourself one if you can open the second (4700) case and take a pic of the innards as well as the PSU label/sticker to have a look at its output.

    and a PSU for that 8600GT and possible for other parts down the road;
  11. These are the Mobo and PSU in 4700:

    There is a Radeon X300 and a modem card(which is useless lol) in the 4700.

    In the m7060n there is a tv tuner card and a modem card.
  12. that 305W PSU will be the problem, otherwise your mobo , slot and CPU-z readout check out fine and dandy.

    check out the PSU i linked to you or look at this;
  13. Sweet, so after I upgrade the PSU what graphics card should I get for the Media Center PC? What would be the best card to get since it doesn't have a PCI-E slot? And can I do a Crossfire or SLI configuration with normal PCI slots?
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    cubicriot said:
    Sweet, so after I upgrade the PSU what graphics card should I get for the Media Center PC? What would be the best card to get since it doesn't have a PCI-E slot? And can I do a Crossfire or SLI configuration with normal PCI slots?

    :D i can see your enthusiasm.

    sadly you can't get any card for the media center. I do believe however that you can pick up this ; so no PCI-E slot, no AGP slot, no GPU available on PCI slot... and even more sad is that you can't use the media center pc to play games(or atleast games that need a discrete card). This is the biggest reasons i moved away from prebuilt machines after i bought one. The machine that you have is one thas intended for office workers or people who don't tax the machine. the absence of the PCI-E slot might've said alot about what HP want you to buy.

    That evga product i linked will give you the advantage of adding another monitor but you can't play games on it.

    In order to do crossfire or sli, you'd need a mobo that has more than one PCI-E x16 slots... and in essence with the right amount of lanes in each; i.e; when in dual mode x8/x8 and in single mode x16

    i hope that has answered all your questions upto now.

    P.S: read this as well if you have had any other bright ideas...

    bottom line, ditch both rigs and get something like an AMD AM3/AM3+ or an Intel Sandy Bridge system.
  15. Thank you so very much for your help! You've opened my eyes a little bit more and I am definitely going to go about upgrading that dell ASAP!! :D :D

    Thank you again and I will hopefully see you around! :)
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