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So I'm building a new pc soon with an asus maximus v gene motherboard. The mobo has a HDMI and DisplayPort. I'll be using the integrated graphics from my cpu as i don't have enough money for a gpu at the moment.

The trouble is, the monitor I'm using at the moment is really old and only has a VGA port. I'm a little confused at what I need. The specs of the mobo say

''Multi-VGA output support : HDMI/DisplayPort ports''

Would a HDMI to VGA adaptor work? Does the mobo allow this? Does it need to be 'active' or something?

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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  1. Why are you getting such an expensive board if you do don't have enough money for a graphics card? What CPU did you get?

    Anyway. HDMI and DP does not have any analog output. Sooo yes you would need an active adapter that are hard to find and quite expensive.
  2. Because, eventually I will get a graphics card, but I'd rather save for a bit and buy a decent one. And the CPU is an i5 3570k.

    I'll get a new monitor too, but for the time being I need to use this one. Thanks for confirming what I'll need. Would something like this work:
  3. Yes, that will work perfectly.
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