Video graphic card download for sims 3

where can i download a video graphics card for sims 3
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  1. You cannot "download" a graphics card. It is a physical piece of hardware.

    You can either purchase a graphics card online, or walk into a local computer store and buy one.
  2. To add to ^, if you have a laptop, you need to buy a new laptop to get one with a more powerful video card. That's true in 95% of the laptops on the market. I'm pretty sure if you are asking this question you do not have a model with an upgradable video card.
  3. Hey,I have the same problem, I downloaded the Sims3 for my computer(laptop),and when I got it downloaded,it said I needed a video graphics card to play the game,and it made me mad,bc I was so excited.

    Can someone tell me somewhere online,where they sell video graphics cards for really cheap,like $40 dollars and under? Please help.
  4. 98% of laptops do not allow you to upgrade the video card. The few that do are gaming laptops and they generally start at around $1,500+. Video cards for laptops are only sold to system builders like Dell and HP. They are not sold to retail / online stores.
  5. I don't think a 40$ Video card would allow you to play the game decently....go for something in the 100$ range or so gtx 550, gts 450, or the AMD equivalent of you want to play the game without wanting to break the screen lol.
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