How to "ignore"/ban users.

During my time here on Tom's hardware I've noticed that some people have really whacked-out opinions and therefore don't deserve any of my attention.
So what I would want to do is to put a "ban" on some users so that article comments and forum posts automatically gets hidden (and the reason for the concealment should be specified), is that possible? If not, it should definitely be implemented in this community.
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  1. The only option I have seen is to hit the "Report" link on their tag line of their post. It will take you to the Moderators to report the user. The Moderators can decide from there to warn the poster, delete the post or do nothing. Hopefully a Moderator will reply with other options.
  2. Yeah, I know of that option but everyone has a right to their own opinion. Just because I don't agree with the opinions and mindset of one person it doesn't mean I want to go as far as to ban him. All I want to do is to put his comments and forum posts out of my attention for the rest of the future.
  3. I think we had an option like that a few updates previously, sadly the option seems to be missing now.
  4. The only option that I know of, is the hide link. It will collapse the post.
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