I have 1 PCI-E 16 at 16x and 1 PCI-E 16 at 8x, and my mobo is rated for SLI. I was wondering how? Don't I need 2 PCI-E 16 at 16x to do SLI, and if I can do it with a 16x and 8x slot, will it impact performance of SLI configuration? Thanks
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  1. My GTX560's run at x8 + x8 and the performance is stellar IMHO.
  2. Yeah, boards with x4 can do Crossfire but Nvidia requires x8 to be certified for SLI.
  3. Well, technically you can run sli on any motherboard that runs crossfire, you just need to install modified drivers, or hack the kernel.
  4. But is best performance achieved through 2 16x's or is the max SLI can run 2 8x's?
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