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So anyways today I was removing my RAM cards from my computer, the power cord was unplugged and the light signaling that their is still power in the machine was off. Their is no little switch at the back of my pc. So I removed both the RAM cards and then plugged them into my old machine seeing if that would allow it to boot up again due to the fact eversince I removed a RAM card from it stopped working. So After that my old pc doesn't work so I just took my RAM cards and plugged them back into my machine. Turns out I had them turned the wrong way and my computer started to beep repeatedbly and then I smelt a burning plastic. I immedatily turned off my machine ripped the cord out to find that my RAM was facing the wrong way, the cards weren't hot at all which was weird. So I plugged the RAM back in properly and now it wont boot on, yet when I switch the card into a different RAM slot the machine detects the one and boots up fine but only detects 446MB of RAM yet I have two 512MB RAM cards plugged in. I need some help one this!
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  1. How in all the hells did you manage to plug them in in the wrong orientation?
    it would appear that you have somehow killed one stick, remove them both and insert them one at a time, try booting up, whichever one is bust obviously won't boot,
    I'm assuming you have original ddr ram?
    best get searching for a replacement stick if thats the case I'm afraid
  2. There are little plastic pieces that should keep you from doing that. I don't see how you could have done it without something snapping.
  3. Thing is nothing snapped. I was half asleep while doing this and managed to get the clips on the ram somehow but nothing seems to be damaged about the RAM which is odd. The computer is currently working right now but only running off the one stick. I am using DDR2 RAM.
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