My system wont book after switching CPUs

So sad,

I got an bulldozer cpu from my friend and the motherboard i had is GA-990FX-UD3.

When I put the switch out my Phenom 1100T and put this bulldozer in, the system does not boot.

No beeping sound,

Graphic card spins at max and min, alternatively. CPU fan spins like usual.

I tested the PSU with another one,
Removed all the RAM
Took the battery out and the boot still won't boot

I put back the old CPU it behaves the same.....

I am sure the PSU, graphic card, RAM are all good.

I haven't seen any blown capacitors as well

What should I do then?
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  1. Hm. Seems like you did something to it while switching CPUs. Did you have to take out the mobo (switching heatsink etc)? If so, then you just have to check all your wiring.
    Do you have the heatsink on properly and plugged into the CPU fan port?
    Remove the GPU too; boot with only the essentials.
  2. Does your mobo flash support bullDozer?
  3. have you updated the bios to the latest version make it aware of the bulldozer's different architecture?
  4. CPU fan and everything is connected.

    I am not sure if the bios support bullDozer, but it should at least recognize my 1100T
  5. I boot up with only CPU and Ram there, the fan spins, but at the beginning of the boot up, the fan should but to MAX first, and then slow down.
    But i did not see this process.
  6. someone
  7. Answer my questions before pleading "someone" lol
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