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hello people

I've got a msi h61 with i3 2100 (SandyBridge)
it has the wrong bios update (7680vC2) which is for ivybridge.
Is it possible to flash the bios to a prevous vresion(7680vAE) so its back to sandybridge?
Can it be done?if so how? really hating this ivybridge bios?
Please help!
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  1. only if HP, has a compatible SandyBridge bios for your model. There are two ways to flash your bios, you first download the "compatible" bios to your computer. Then it may be installed through several methods. Some manufactures have a windows GUI utility that runs on your desktop and then reboots your system after the bios is flashed. Other manufacture will have you create and ISO "bootable CD or flash drive" that boots your computer and executes the flash utility. If you have to use an ISO, then you must download the ISO and then use a utility that burns the ISO to CD-ROM or flash drive. This will wipe all data from either media so make sure it is a blank or unneeded device or disk. The computer must be plugged if laptop and never reboot until the process is completed. All of this will work as long as your bios utility allows for downgrading of bios versions. Most do but some don't. Good luck.
  2. Could you please explain to me how its done via ISO?
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