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First time trying this forum, so sorry if I violate any etiquette. I am looking to build a computer for my office. Here are the specs:
Budget: $500-$1000
Needs to play BluRay and have HDMI out as well as DVI (Want to be able to play video to TV while working on monitor)
This computer will be part of a domain. The primary databases are on an HP proliant Server running Windows SBS 2003.
Needs to be powerful enough to multitask and not hang up all the time. (i5,i7, quad?)
Needs to be small (preferably slim, micro or mini ATX. I have a small office and this is for my front desk. The space is already small and it will be sharing space under the desk with the server)
This computer will continuously stream music from the internet while running my office management software, email, surfing, and hopefully run video to the TV in the background. Would like to be able to separate audio signals from system and BD if possible.

Hopefully I've hit the main points. I've built plenty of computers, but never a mini or micro. Not sure what the limitations are performance wise. Thanks!!
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  1. Found the protocol:

    Don't need monitor, keyboard, OS, mouse, or speakers (just the box with no software. It will run WinXP when complete)


    Prefer newegg
  2. i5 2400 quad
    z 68 motherboard
    2x 4 gig of RAM
    SSD boot drive
    a hard drive or two
    tv card
    blu-ray drive
    seperate dvd drive
    basic graphics card GT 430 , maybe
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