Suggestions required !!! DDR3 Mobo

Hi guys ,
please suggest a (some) DDR3 mobo which supports dual cores as well as quad cores.And I wanna go please help.I will use a dual core on it at least for the present.By ddr3 i mean i intend to use ddr3 ram.they are kinda cheaper than ddr2/ddr.
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  1. So all modern boards are for DDR3! More interestingly for selection we need to know what platform you want to go with AMD or Intel. I will suggest Intel but give us guidance.
  2. INTEL (temporarily Intel Dual core 3.06 Ghz and later I plan to buy a Core 2 Quad)
  3. SPEED94 said:
    INTEL (temporarily Intel Dual core 3.06 Ghz and later I plan to buy a Core 2 Quad)

    Socket lga 775 boards are not plenty in retail anymore, I suggest looking at something like this LGA1155 as start for a build
  4. But I have a dual core 3.06 Ghz and do not plan to dump it ? would it work on LGA1155. I have no idea.All I want is a dual/quad core cpu support and a good graphics card interface .
  5. Your dual core is 3 generations old it will not work in a lga 1155 board. It is hard to recommend a new board for old tech but You will have to check each boards individual CPU support list to see if your CPU is supported.
  6. A LGA 775 CPU (Like your core 2 Duo) will not work in a modern LGA 1155 Motherboard. However, you can pick up a cheap, DDR3 supporting LGA 775 Motherboard on ebay for roughly $40. IF you don't want to throw away your old CPU and want DDR3 support, this is the best option.

    However, it might be better for you to build an entirely new system, as you will get much better performance.
  7. How about INTEL DG41 CN-OEM/WV ?
  8. SPEED94 said:
    How about INTEL DG41 CN-OEM/WV ?

    IF it is this one then it is DDR2
  9. DG41CN-OEM edition not DG41CN. Look out http://www.***/intel-dg41cn-oem-mother-board-price-and-specification.html
  10. The link does not open for me so if it is DDR3 it is as good as any.
  11. Well maybe because the link belongs to somewhere local in India. Look basically I am looking forward for the following basic properties in a mobo....


    2)should have only LGA775 (NOT LGA1155 or better)

    3)should be prescribed to work well with Core2Duos/DualCore/QuadCore/Core2Quad/Core2Extreme (so that I have chances for minor cpu updates)

    4)Should have ONLY DDR3 DIMNs for RAM

    5)max capacity Ram should be at least 8 gb or more (I intend to use 4 gb now and may switch to 6 gb later)

    Whichever satisfies all I will buy that only.Please suggest something which matches all this qualities. Thanks in advance.
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