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Wireless mouse preventing computer from entering sleep mode


I recently purchased a Logitech Performance MX wireless mouse. Loving it, except for the fact that ever since installing it, my computer will no longer enter Sleep mode. (I tried my corded mouse again to make sure this was the issue, when I replace the wireless mouse with the corded one, my computer will enter Sleep mode)

I tried checking the Logitech forums, the only answer I found there was to go to the mouse settings in Control Panel and under power management, uncheck the box that says "allow this device to wake the computer". I tried that, and no luck. I checked to make sure I have the most up to date drivers for the mouse as well.

Has anyone else experienced this issue with a a wireless mouse? It's a real pain... at this point I'm really debating getting a SSD boot drive so I can just shut down my PC and start it quickly if I can't use the sleep function anymore.
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  1. Go into control panel, then to power options, then to edit plan settings, then to change advanced power settings. Scroll down the list to USB. You'll need to click on the little plus signs twice to get to the setting which should say enabled. If not change it.

    No guarantees, but that should fix it.
  2. I checked, that was already enabled, still having the same problem? Any other ideas? :)
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    does the mouse have a power switch? if so try turning it off so its not broadcasting. or keep the reciever I. a front USB port and pull it when you aren't using the PC. Bit of a pain but the wireless mice/keyboards always are
  4. That is weird as the USB should shut everything USB down. Maybe the Logitech has something in their driver that prevents this since it is a self charging device. Do you have the charger thing plugged into the computer when it is trying to sleep?

    Did you load the software that came with the mouse, and is there any related setting in the Logitech control panel? It has been a while since I used a Logitech, but they used to have their own control panel separate from the ordinary Windows mouse control panel.
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