P8p67-m pro sound problem

i have a problem that the sound on my p8p67-m pro motherboard doesnt work , i have tried anything to solve this problem but i could not .
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  1. Hi, What Windows and what have you tried?
  2. windows 7 ultimate64 bit.. (( after format it ))
    windows 7 home premium 64 bit (( before format ))
    in both windows the sound does not work , as u see i have tried formating the pc and i have tried reinstall realtek ..
    i made the speaker as the default one ..

    i was thinking that the problem is in the hardware but when i connect the speaker or anything it appears that i connect something ..

    when i do sound testing it gives me in the monitor there is a sound but actually there is nothing ..
  3. Can you test with headphones and not with speakers?
  4. i tested it with 3 kinds of headphones ...
    i use headphones not speakers !
  5. Then I'd say it's a hardware issue. I would RMA the board.
  6. what do u mean by RAM the board
  7. If it's under warranty, contact the reseller. RMA = http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Return_merchandise_authorization
    Or buy a sound card and install it.
  8. do u recommend to buy a sound card or a new motherboard ..
    im thinking about Maximus IV Extreme-Z ..
    and finally thank you for your help ..
  9. Don't mention it. The board is under warranty, right? Has the sound worked or is it a new setup?
  10. I use the P8P67-M PRO.

    First, I highly doubt that there is a defect in the motherboard.

    1. Read pages 1-25/26 in your manual carefully to understand where you should plug in to the rear panel ports.
    Plugging into the wrong ports will not hurt, and may seem to almost work

    2. If your headphones are connected to the front panel of your case, make certain that the front panel headers are connected properly.

    3. I would not bother with a discrete sound card.

    4. Make certain that you have installed the sound drivers correctly.
    Get the latest version from the internet.

    5. Is the sound volume turned up high enough?
  11. i bought the motherboard maybe 2 years ago so i dont know if the board is still under warranty or not .. but i faced this problem maybe 1 year ago but it was fine cause i had a monitor with speakers , but when i changed my monitor i faced this problem .
    i faced this problem with the rear panel but i dont know if the front panel is working or not cause when i changed the realtek to the front panel i dont know where is the front panel , i red the manual but i didnt understand how to connect the headphone to it..
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