okay, i bought a ati hd 2600xt agp card for my old dimension 4600, and i tried to boot it up. the bios and post screen load, the windows xp screen loads, and that's it. it gets stuck between the loading screen and the login screen.. i need help!
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  1. have you tried booting into safe mode?
  2. Boot into safe mode, instal the GPU drivers, than try to boot up normally.
  3. i tried to boot into safe mode, and it still froze before the login screen. so i changed hard drives with another i have lying around, which didn't have the drivers pre-installed. this one could make it to the desktop, but the computer constantly locks up every few minutes, and it won't let me install drivers, without freezing. could the card be shorting out, or have something else wrong with it?
  4. i have the hotfix driver, but i can't get to the desktop to install it
    then, i reinstalled the os, to xp service pack 1
    the desktop now works fine, but i need to update in order to install the driver.
    when i upgrade to sp3 so i can update, the desktop stops working again!
  5. ok... i manually installes microsoft installer 3.0 and .net framework 2.0, and the catalyst drivers. i can now adjust the resolution, but windows still says the vga controller has no drivers????
  6. another update. the system was working in sp1, then i upgraded to sp3. and it happened AGAIN! is there no way to fix this?????????????
  7. yet aNOTHER UPDATE. it appears the xp installation cd is an oem disk from dell, that automatically installs geforce 4 mx 440 drivers, so i will try to install a non-oem disk and see if it helps.

    nope, it still doesn't work properly
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