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Best 15-17" screen?

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March 13, 2003 1:10:30 PM

I'm looking for a new TFT!
16 ms response time is required as well as good picture quality!

Toms harware recommended the NEC LCD1760V..

I can only find the NEC LCD1760VM and NEC LCD1760NX where I live..

They are 700/780 dollars! The Hitachi CML174SXW is only 500 dollars here!

Which one should I buy? I want a really good one for gaming and regular use!


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March 15, 2003 5:13:13 AM

First off where, where have you looked so far? If your really interested in getting an LCD screen, at that a good price and model, I would imagine you would do some of the research yourself, instead of just make a pointless post on this forum in hopes to have some one give you a suggestion thats been mentioned countless many times.

I dont know about the rest of you guys, but this is VERY irritating, come on people, stop being lazy and do a little reading yourself. has been highly praised as a great place to buy monitors on this forum, the internet in general, and by ME! I jumped on over there and right away found them to be selling that NEC your looking for for under $500, so i dont know where else you were looking that you got such prices...

Secondly, this is a response to someone else, and to you, who is looking for an LCD in this price range and size; I purchased the Planar PX171M not too long ago. I love it. At the moment I feel it is the best 17" LCD on the market. Recently I made another purchase, a Samsung 152T, I just got it in today and am using it as we speak while I am typing this. As you know, the Samsung is a 15" and it does not sport the 16ms response time, but thats not why I bought it. Its for my younger sister, and she wont be doing any gaming.
I REALLY like this Samsung. I bought it at cuz they had a good price on it and there service is the best, bar none. I paid like $372. Tomshardware if im not mistaken just wrote up an article including this monitor, and I think thats what got me hooked.

The monitor display is superb, its very crisp and bright, even moreso, the styling is amazing. It is a very sleek, contemporary silver case, and the way Samsung thought up of the stand is engenious. Look at some photos and you see what i mean. The monitor can be folded up so that its completely flat which makes it very portable, if necessary, but the way its setup, this is a true flat screen. I think this is as flat as they go! Everything is VERY thin and sleek.

Alright, I kinda got off track there, getting tired. But hope that helps you guys out. And o yea, read around before you post.

Correct me if Im wrong, but using these types of forums is to gain knowledge which you cant find elsewhere. Not so that someone else goes off and finds it for you just cuz your lazy! And im not directing this strictly to you. It just seems that almost every post lately seems the same.
March 15, 2003 5:25:11 AM

Some more quick comments I would like to add... (sorry, its almost 1:30am and didnt get much sleep last night, im kinda dozing off..) anway, I realized that you asked for a 17", like i said look into that NEC some more, I havent heard much about it yet, but looks nice. Also, like I mentioned look back in the forum and youll see I made a lot of posts regarding my Planar, I think you will find them useful.
Also read about the Hitachi, but i think at this time its a wiser choice going for the Planar.

Lastly, I just want to clarify something about my mentioning my new Samsung 152t. I havent gotten around to any gaming on this monitor yet, just testing out 3dmark, some video card demos, and such, and just moving screens around.. and Ive already concluded that this monitor is not meant for gaming or aything involving rapid color changing. This monitor shows definate signs of ghosting/blurring etc. This is not what this monitor was meant for, and it wont be used for those purposes either. However, if you are looking for a great 15" lcd at a very reasonable price, very attracting style, and great picture quality, this is definately it! Hope that helps.
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March 15, 2003 5:55:46 AM

Dont the Hitachi and Planar use the same panel...........????
March 15, 2003 8:44:46 AM


Sorry, I've made some research.. I'm thinking mostly of the Hitachi and the Benq 767s right now.. (I've made a post "is benq good?")

But I want to know if I missed something so I want you to recommend any screen..

I live in Sweden so the prices are more expensive here, and some models can't be found.. like that Planar.. I can't find it here..
March 15, 2003 4:49:21 PM

hehe, not everbody lives in america
March 19, 2003 10:46:01 PM

I actually took a gamble when I bought my LCD off of eBay, but I'm really pleased with the monitor I got. I purchased a 17" Optoma Panoview 1714D for just slightly over $500 (and this was at the beginning of the summer, so I expect that they're well below $500 now) It has a lot of great features: 450:1 contrast ratio, speakers, but the best part is that it has dual analog and DVI inoputs. This gives you the nice ability to hook the monitor up to two machines without using a switchbox. And it's certainly the cheapest monitor I could find with both DVI and analog input.

When I initially got my monitor it had like 3 dead pixels and 2 hot ones, but I was able to RMA it to the manufacturer without much of a problem, the replacement had no bad pixels at all. It took me a little longer than I would have liked to get an RMA number, but I think this is because the company is mainly in the projector business and doesn't really have much support staff for their monitors.

Don't bother looking online from consumer reviews, I scoured the net and couldn't find any, which is why I debated for almost a month before I finally bought it. It eventually ended up that the amount of features vs. price was way too good to pass up, but it turns out that it's a great monitor and I'm really happy with it (definitely the best purchase I've made on eBay).

here are the specs on the monitor I got:

Ok, I'm starting to sound too preachy and I don't want people accusing me of working for the company. But Optoma makes some great quality LCDs at a really good price. It's too bad more people don't know about them.
March 27, 2003 6:58:45 AM

Based on everything I read (here and elsewhere), I bought the Hitachi. According to the recent review of the NEC 1760V/NX that is posted on THG, the Hitachi and NEC share the same panel and should be similar, if not identical, in quality. If you can get the Hitachi for only $500, then I'd go with that. carries the NEC for $450 or $460 which is about a $100 less than the price of the Hitachi at I ordered the Hitachi anyway because of the sheer number of overwhelming positive user feedback; I only saw one or two user posts regarding experiences with the NEC.

My usage is general -- a little of everything -- gaming, DVD movies, apps, etc... and this LCD seemed to have it all.