How to use DSL for my laptop?

My father uses hardwired DSL on his desktop. My father lives with me in the same house. I have 802.11b,g wireless capability on my laptop but my company insists I access them through their VPN. What’s the best way to use my fathers DSL capability for my laptop to access my company files and the web? Will there be any speed loss? I’d prefer to use my laptop wirelessly for the VPN and web while I am in my house. Thank you.

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  1. Buy a wireless AP or a wireless router which is connected into your DSL modem.
    Connect your laptop to the wireless device. Open up your VPN connection, you're good to go.
    Now the whole thought behind VPN is security so with you going in and accessing it over wireless, it would be advised that you have some kind of 128bit WEP on your wireless. Otherwise your company might not be that happy.
    Speed loss, a little bit. It may effect your dad's computer doing things because of the amount of bandwidth you'll be eating up. You'll have to try it, I've seen different things everytime.

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