How to hook up network wires. already wired

Hello all. i just moved into a new place and it is wired for ethernet. All the wires are unhooked in the panel.

when i look at the instructions it says to use standard color code and T568A wiring.

now on the block where i attach the wires it is different colors from the T568A diagram.

should i do the T568A diagram or follow the colors? if so can anyone tell me the order?

i have attached pics of the block and panel.

i can do the switch work once the wires are hooked up.

i have a ethernet tester to tone out the lines. i just need some help getting it hooked into the block correctly. any tips/help would be great.

Thanks All!

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  1. punch down the wires by colour. Start with white/blue, blue, white/orange, orange, etc...

    the rest of the wiring is done by the circuit board.
  2. in the pic the board below is for the phone.

    so i should follow the colors on the unit and not worry about what the T568A says?
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