Looking for a CPU cooler for a old Asus A8N-VM mainboard (Socket 939)

I am looking for a recommendable CPU cooler for a old Asus A8N-VM mainboard (Socket 939).
It should be rather silent - max of 30 dBA.
I tried a Scythe KATANA 3 SCKTN-3000A, but the cooling fins of the onboard GPU are rather close to the socket, so I could not use the locking mechanism of the CPU cooler without damaging the fins.
Now I am trying to find a silent CPU cooler that will actually fit the motherboard.
Anyone can come up with one?

The mainboard
The CPU cooler where the locking mechanism did not fit
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  1. You need a tall one, something bigger, try a coolermaster hyper 101 or a coolermaster hyper TX3, or a cooler master hyper 212, those three cool better then stock, and the 212 will give you headroom for overclocking.
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