Black Friday gaming Rig

CPU: i5 2500k
Mobo: Not sure yet?
RAM: 8 or 12 GB -- not sure which and why?! Gskill ripjaws, Corsair, Mushkin, Kingston all have been talked about?
PSU- Antec 750 HCG
Case: Thermaltake Armor A60
GPU: HIS Radeon 6970 2GB (got it for ~200 off the amazon deal a night or two ago :D)
Storage -- Gonna do a 128-160 gig SSD for games/booting/most used apps and then get a storage drive thrown in

The parts I've named (except for the CPU) I've already ordered and are set in stone. I've gotten the majority of them on sale -- the PSU for 60, card for 200, case was 35 bucks i think (after rebates)? the i5 I'm going to keep in there since from what i've read for gaming you dont need an i7 and i mainly use my comps for gaming/chat/browsing. any specific advice on the mobo and RAM? I'm going to be scheming on black friday deals so I'm sure I'm going to see an i5/mobo combo or two here and there and from what I've been seeing for SSD there should be some pretty nice SSD deals as well -- aiming for a 500+mb so gonna need/want a 6gb cable on the mobo. What really is the big difference between the corsair vengeance/dominators and the ripjaws/ripjaws x etc? Ideally looking for something that is going to be a good buy for both performance and value -- dont want to pay the diminishing returns of something uber high end with functionality i wont use but want something that kicks ass at the same time :) (kind of the logic behind getting an i5 vs i7)
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  1. With the ram it's all about the timings , the speed and the cas latencey.
    DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800)
    Timing 9-9-9-24
    Cas Latency 9
    This example seems to be the sweet spot for ram , it runs good on most motherboards and is stable . I really don't pay much arrention to the names , I tend to go with a brand name that has a good reputation of making good performing ram. Corsair is one such brand and really the difference between the Dominator and Vengence is the sty;e of ram , if you notice the Vengence is slanted on the heatsinks and the Dominator is straight up just looks actually. Underneath both are still Corsair ram chips. As far as motherboards go there are a few things to look for , how many x16 Pci-e slots and are they x16 , x8 or x4 , what features does it have and how is the overclocking and the chipset (z-68)
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