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The other day I installed 8 more GB DDR3 into my computer. I couldn't buy the same memory because NewEgg has dc'd the product, but I was careful (I thought) in trying to make sure they matched. Both are PC3 12800 and have the same frequency (666MHz). However since I installed, I have been getting random system lock-ups, not blue screens, but everything just freezes. I did some research and discovered that the new memory differed in 2 aspects, on one the CAS Latency is 9, on the other it's 11. Also, the voltage differs, on one it is 1.5v, 1.65 on the other.

My motherboard has dual channel memory, everything is unlocked and tunable. My question is there any way I can install these RAM units, or tune them so that they get along together? I have ruled out everything else (I think) to be the cause of these freezes, and I can't reproduce them, except that in that when I try to to run Asus auto-clock, which used to run fine, it freezes up. Other than that it is random freezes.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. Hi, I would try returning the new RAMs, selling the old ones and buying a 16GB kit.
  2. Thank you, I have considered this, but trying to avoid an RMA if I can.
  3. I solved this by going through all my drivers; no quick process, by any means. It turned out to be caused by a Beta Nvidia Driver, or at least I think it was, because I have had no further freezing issues since.

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