Core 2 Quad Q9400, motherboard help

Hello all, I have had a good search around the forums and I have failed to come up with a solid answer.

I have a Dell 630i that I have been butchering and upgrading over the years and recently decided to Upgrade to an SSD, I got a decent performance increase, however I discovered then installing a 2nd would be a nightmare as my motherboard cant handle them correctly.

I have been researching Mobo upgrades and I almost feel that my 9400 is holding me back as its a 775 port - I'm only confused as on the Hierachy list it's clearly shows as a high performer.

Should I be looking for a new Processor to go with a new board or should I be looking for a board to fit the Q900 and accept that SATA 2 is fast enough for my moderate gaming needs?

Budget is a small factor, as I have already purchased a GTX660 and 2x samsung 840's, so I was looking for a new mobo and ram initially, however, if it's necessary I will be able to spash up to £250 on a chip too.. Hope this makes sense and sorry if I blabbered on.
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  1. Have I done or said something dumb in this post to stop people replying?

    Any tips on posting manners would be appreciated as I am new here, sorry if I have offended anyone.
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