GTX 580 1.5gb or GTX 580 3gb

Wondering if the 3gb offers any significant improvement over a standard 580 or if it doesn't matter with one monitor? Planning to SLI. Hoping to sort of keep this gaming rig for a few years without having to upgrade much if that changes anything.
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  1. it might matter in perhaps Metro or Crysis @2560xI600 w ultra/high aa/af, although some reviewers dispute this...

    If your res is below this, save your money, I.5 GB will do....
  2. You will definitly need 3 gb for playing at 2500x1600 resolutions and 6 gb is even better. It will also help future proof you gaming rig for about 2-3 years because it would take the game builders that long to get to where the recomended spec's would pass two gtx 580's 3 gb in sli. Of course before then the temptation to buy the latest and greatest video cards might be too much.
  3. You get what I got,

    GTX 580 MAXTRIX SLI < over clocked edition 800 dollars each. Runs everything on 100+ fps Tryed Crysis / Aion ( during siege ) which is proberly the most demanding game out so far. running at 84 FPS ).

    If you want to spend the money you will not find a better card then the MAXTRIX edition, unless you go ASUS 6990 but it's super loud. GL
  4. If you are SLI-ing you will have no need for 2*3Gb, 1.5Gb will suffice.
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