Please help me reset the BIOS password of my Fujitsu LifeBook T421

Hi everyone.I'm a student and I don't have a computer at the moment, but I am overblown with school projects so I've been looking for one the past two months.A friend of mine offered me a Fujitsu LifeBook T4210 12.1" notebook for only $50, it is in perfect condition and working, but the only thing is that it is stuck in BIOS and my friend doesn't remember the password.My brother told me immediately that he could do it without any problem by doing something with the pins of the CMOS jumper (I don't really remember). He used to run a successful pc repair shop in our city and told me that has done it previously, but I'm just very paranoid about this. I'm not doing it myself, but since he has done it with other laptops, I just wanted to know, is a thing that is easy to do for people who know such stuff, and is it safe for the computer? I mean, it wont destroy my laptop, will it?Also, I wanted to know, since he hasn't done this with this kind of laptop before, is it the same procedure in every laptop, or does it differ from laptop to laptop?
Also there are listings on eBay from sellers who say that they will sell a 100% working way of resetting the password for $10 only and they have a 30 day money back guarantee, have you ever tried these :S?
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  1. You're out of luck. Ask the real owner. We can't verify that you're the real owner, so it's against forum rules to help bypass security(passwords).
  2. Are you serious O.o?
    The friend that sold me the laptop got it on eBay himself, so there's no use...
    Will the master password that the ebay seller will give me work? :S
  3. It is against forum rules to help ANYONE bypass any password for any reason. So quit asking, and read the ToS.
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