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Dell Dimension 8300 64bit help

hi i was recently given a old 04' Dimension 8300 from my friend and i was gonna set it up so my little brother can play his age of empires on it and stop using mine

i ordered a new hard drive (200 GB) and i want to know if it was 64 bit compatible so if i can put windows 7 on it if not ill just put windows MCE on it

it has the stock CPU (Pentium 4 socket 478 (NORTHWOOD) 3.0 GHz level 2 cache: 512 KB integrated with hyper threading)

the bios wasnt much help since it was the old A07 and gave my like 4 things about the CPU that are on the front screen anyway :P

it has 2 gigs of ram and a 7600 GT, the old hard drive had a virus on it and it was my friends dads computer with photos on it and stuff so i bought the new HDD so he will keep the old one


thanks :D :D :D
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    With only 2 gigs of ram I'd advise you to stick with 32 bit windows. If you want to upgrade the ram to 4 gb, then 64 bit windows might be an option.
  2. i didnt work anyway CPU is not 64 bit :(
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