I5 2500k, 560 ti hawk build

So I have been researching this build for a long long time. My decision is a tough one but I'm planning on using this PC for gaming at 1080p, video and audio editing, and video viewing. Im a little iffy about the power supply, and im going to be adding an ssd and the eventual 2nd 560 ti hawk down the road.

CPU: i5 2500k

Mobo: extreem 3 gen 3

GPU: 560 ti hawk

RAM: 8gb vengence

PSU: 750w

Cooler: 212 evo

DVD Reader: 24x dvd

Case: coolermaster 922

HDD: 1tb 7200 rpm

Wifi Card: rosewill

Thoughts? suggestions?
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  1. For the PSU, I'd go for a more popular brand such as Corsair.

    Other than that, it looks like a great build to me.
  2. pckitty4427 said:
    For the PSU, I'd go for a more popular brand such as Corsair.

    Other than that, it looks like a great build to me.

    Any reason behind that?
  3. nothing wrong with the power supply. If you want a 560, the MSI selected has very noisy fans. Just to let you know.
  4. I have heard about the fans being loud, and I looked over the psu review and feedback from customers.
    as for the gpu i plan to experiment and learn to overclock, so i went with a card that looks like it can handle some tweaking, while noise is a concern, performance before comfort is my current position (unless anyone has a reason to change that.
    I went with that psu because i plan to SLI in the near future. thoughts on better or cheaper alternatives?
  5. PSU is a good as it gets for that price
  6. Don't go any lower than that on the PSU. You'll need all that power if you're going to overclock 2x Hawk.
  7. horsecrap ... that PSU will be enough for SLi 560Ti oced and 2500k oced
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    Case - no front USB which makes takes it off my build list.

    Cooler - With twin GFX cards, I'd want something w/ bit more cooling
    -$50 - Scythe Mugen 3
    -$80 - Thermaltake Silver Arrow

    MoBo - Warranty comes up short compared to industry standard 3 years but well reviewed .... good choice if it lasts.

    GFX - If ya worried about the noise, consider the Asus, factory OC'd to 50MHz less but I got 7 outta 8 to 1000Mhz w/ no voltage tweaks

    Using the following in this PSU calculator, I came up with 682 watts. This does NOT include overclocking the GFX cards. Settings:

    High End Desktop
    Intel 25o0k OC'd to 4.8GHz @ 1.41 volts
    2 sticks of RAM
    2 560 Ti's (not overclocked)
    1 SATA HD
    1 PCI-E x4 card
    5 USB devices (KB, Mouse, Headphone, Mic, phone)
    1 Card Reader
    3 120mm LED fans (Case rear and 2 on Cooler)
    2 200mm LED fans
    90% Load
    15% Capacitor Aging

    I'd get an 850 watter if OC'ing the GFX cards, 750 if not. Not saying you'll fry the PSU, just that w/ reduced headroom, voltage stability will drop as you get higher and that has a negat9ive impact on PC stability.
  9. thank you gentleman, I have a little more research to do on the GPU. I will order my build asap. Thanks again for being fantastic tech help here on the interwebs.
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