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Mice problems

hey guys,
i am having a problem with my laptop not being able to see mice on my laptop. i am using a ball mouse i got with my dell desktop. it works but when i plug it in my laptop it does not see it. it use to be able but something happens and i had to wipe my laptop and reinstall windows. when i plug it in it says usb device not recognized. when i go into hardware it says unknown device and it doesn't work so i don't know what to do i went all over forms and i could not find any thing that was helpful. so please help me.
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  1. It sounds like you need a driver for that mouse. You can Google the name of your mouse followed by the model number and the word driver.

    Something like this: "genius mouse 454-xyz driver"
  2. i cant find one for my mouse mouse/m-uk del3 thats it
  3. That seems to be one of the old Dell/Logitech mice. If the laptop has Windows 7 on it, i doubt you will find a driver for the mouse.

    Windows 7 uses a different type of driver than XP, so a lot of the old XP hardware will not work.

    I do not know about your locale, but where I live you can get good new mice for $10 and under.
  4. i have xp on it
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    did you try dell with you service tag to get the driver if this is not working then you need another mouse
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