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Hello,hey everyone got a sound driver is missing issue. first of all its for a dell gx620, I went on the dell website and the only sound drivers they got is for windows Xp but I need for windows 7 which dell dont have. Is there any other way I can get sound for this computer I tried software to find missing drivers & window device manager but to no success. I need options please your help will be so much appreciated
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  1. Use a tool like Everest Ultimate edition or SISOFT SANDRA lite to find out what audio hardware you have. (your manual says "Audio: Type AC97, Sound Blaster emulation", you need to know what sound chip). Then start googling to see IF there is a driver for it.

    You can also look and see if you have a free slot in the PC. Your PC comes with one PCI slot and one PCIe x 16 slot. If either slot is free you can buy an aftermarket sound card that works with win7 and install. (you need low profile cards with that small form factor PC. Wikipedia has pictures of PCI slots and PCIe slots if you are not sure what to look for) Here is a PCI low profile card for $15
  2. Hi had the same problem downloaded drivers inf files etc ended up getting a driver disk from ebay you know the type which scans then installs a driver, well now have my dell gx620 vista 64 bit ultimate working with sound, cheaper than a new box.
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