Best motherboard for my computer

i have a real 500 power supply i bought for 110$
and a gtx 660 for 230 $
those are not on my computer right now' so i need a motherboard from newegg
witch got a free g.skill 8gb ram 2*4gb
those are some of the motherboards
i really don't know what is the difference between them except the ram slots and PCI slots
do i need more than 8 gb ram (do i need a 4 slots for ram motherboard)
do i need sli
am a player of games like battlefield 3 ,assassin creed III ,NFS13 and a like them
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  1. No need for sli or 4 slots for the ram motherboard. Z77 will overclock the cpu if it's a "k" series; B75 won't. None K cpus won't overclock except for the mild turbo setting on any motherboard. The gigabyte board with free ram will run ok; just has older ports. If you need an hdmi port for blue-ray and go with the gigabyte b75, be sure your video card has it.
  2. I'd buy all my components from Newegg except for the MB based on my recent experience there:
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