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Hello, I live in a home where I am hooked into the router downstairs. My landlady also is hooked into the same router. We both have PCs...her daughter moved in and has a laptop. We are having a connection problem when either the daughter or I want to be online at the same time, one of us can't connect. The router apparently can't handle the differences. The landlady's pc doesn't seem to have a problem staying online. Any suggestions? Thank you.
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  1. What are the error messages? My initial thought is that the daughter's laptop expects a static IP which is already allocated to you or mother. If that's the case, she would need to allow DHCP to allocate addresses automatically but the error message she sees, or you see when she's connected, will help us all here.
  2. You did not mention what version of windows your using - anyway you can open the windows explorer and right click on network then choose properties. If your using vista click on Diagnose and Repair windows will try to point you why you cannot connect and give you some options.
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